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We are passionate about creating beautiful and artistic Photography and understanding Photography as a visual language is essential to understanding what photographer is right for you. There are many styles of Photography as there are many Photographers. A great wedding photographer may not capture the best architectural landscapes, in the same way a Chinese interpreter may not do you much good in French. However, we each pursue the fulfillment our art offers by interpreting our world in numerous ways.

Sparkle Photography Services produces creative photography from a marketing perspective. Details and quality matter in marketing, engaging with your potential customer is very important, so communicating those details in every image is important. Your Photography is the single most powerful element in converting clients, next to prices. Quite simply, if a potential client is looking to book a service with your company online, and the decision is between two comparably-priced Companies, the one with the best presentation will triumph. First impressions count, and in an overwhelmingly competitive global, digital environment, impressions are made before businesses’ sign the contract.

What We Do

For Companies

We spend time with you to understand your business and your heritage. We photograph you and your colleagues while you work in your real business environment. The photographs producedwill be edited with digital retouching in order to accomplish the most innovative and graphically-sound results. We then give you the enhanced and re-mastered images of your backstage working environment, all photographs tailor-made to be used on your daily Social Media, Media Kit, Brochures, website or simply marketing materials. And ultimately it is allabout creating opportunity.

For Families traveling to the French Riviera

Professional Photographer, Francesca Barba, created this service so that she could enjoy it herself. As a mother to a young girl, she wanted to capture what makes every moment in her infants childhood special. Finding a practised photographer for this kind of specialism is a rarity, but Ms Barba is accustomed to conducting honest and open photo shoots that really capture the pleasure and enjoyment of what it is to relish in the fun and delights of youth.

The idea is to spend a day (or half day) with your family during your holiday on the Cote D’Azur, whether it is by land, air or sea. The photographs produced will be edited with digital retouching in order to accomplish the most graphically-sound and memorable reflection of your valued vacation. We then give you the enhanced and re-mastered images of your most cherished and precious moments with your loved ones retouched onto a CD for use and a printed portfolio book with a selection of the most favorite photographs.

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