Sparkle PR Group Internship program

The Sparkle PR Group is an international PR & Communications agency based in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Paris, Monte Carlo and Milano. We’re specialists in tailor made consultancy services and creative solutions for businesses in France, Monaco and Russia. Our services include integrated Marketing and PR campaigns, bespoke digital Marketing Services, events management and Premium Representation on the French & Russian Market. We are experts in connecting with astute costumers. Our specialization is PR, advertising, online-communications including social media marketing, event-management & consulting in luxury segment in the Media Capitals of Paris & Moscow as well as within the Jet-Set Playgrounds.

We are experts in our field and are proud to offer an Internship Program to prospective graduates in the aforementioned sectors to allow individuals to gain advantageous knowledge in a professional capacity within the industry. We offer a planned, structured and supervised field-based role where candidates learn the demands and needs of the challenging and fast-paced Marketing and PR environment. We are delighted to carefully select candidates to gain valuable works experience and develop marketable career skills that are transferable to other jobs. Receiving such important and exclusive works experience from our company is the reason we invite students to submit their CV’s for assessment.

With this prominent and sought-after position in mind it is of paramount importance the Sparkle PR Group select only the most elite graduates in their field in order for the candidate to benefit fully from the services and knowledge we can offer. In order to select the best we have a selection process in place to discover the finest applicants:

– We commence an initial CV selection that shortlists individuals based on necessary and desired skills.
– Secondly we operate a formal interview process to ascertain the compatibility of an applicant for the field.
– And finally we provide a test to evaluate a candidates overall suitability in order to select the best.

The Sparkle PR Group’s Internship Program is suited to serious and professional individual that seeks longevity in a position and is willing to be loyal towards the organisation they work for. The application process is an arduous operation and one that requires exceptionally careful consideration.

We are a company that can offer a strong guarantee to develop and sustain an individual’s marketability in a professional capacity towards other competitors. The problems faced today makes it difficult for such a sought-after program to receive numerous CV’s with candidates only half-heartedly applying with no intention of following through on the intensive application process. Selection at this stage is of the utmost importance as it is time-consuming and cost ineffective.

The internship program aspires to educate interns on the S.P.A.R.K.L.E acronym:

Strategic Marketing & Communications
Press & Public relations
Advertising Campaigns
Representation Services
Key-persons Promotion with Celebrities Endorsements
Luxury Online Media Consulting

These are all key ingredients to developing and maintaining a professional that is desirable to all other companies. We crave candidates that are serious about the application process and choose the Sparkle PR Group’s program as their first choice.

Francesca Barba
Chief Marketing & Brand Strategist
Managing Director Monte-Carlo Office