Sparkle master classes

The Master Classes are part of a program designed to educate businesses on how to prepare and produce aspects of their Personal Marketing Plan.

Ten individual Workshops, will be organised throughout the year in Monaco, on Social Media themes and Digital Marketing Strategies incorporating numerous and varied specialities; Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization and Russian Marketing.

Educating on the aforementioned contemporary Marketing subjects improves ability to respond effectively to change and provides attractive benefits for ambitious partakers from this active learning technique. Additionally because it is a day workshop no significant time commitment is required from participants as it does not constrain participating schedules unduly.

Research shows that among the highest performing and most successful companies, face to face workshop training remains the most governing and preferred form of education provision. Distance education technologies have great appeal for people who may have high levels of self motivation but Technology often does not facilitate the right type or quantity of information being shared or exchanged. This means that learning potential can be limited. The unique qualities and learning opportunities that arise when in a workshop environment are evident and it is a far more efficient way to reach and fulfil training objectives.

By operating a workshop, face-to-face learning ensures that participants become familiar with the instructor and the active learning environment allows a more personable relationship to ensue. Because participants can relate to the instructor on a more personal level it is advantageous to the learning outcome and ultimately to a return to indulge in more services that the Agency offers.

Registrations are open!


• Is Pinterest Right for your Business
• Pinterest’s Most Popular Categories
• Repins from your Website
• Setting Up Your Pinterest Account
• Creating your Pinterest Strategy
• Audit your Eye Candy
• Ideas for Getting High-Quality Content to pin
• Optimize Your Images
• Pinterest Profile Description
• Which Boards to Create
• Add a PIN
• Find targeted Pinterest Followers
• How to get Followers
• Add price to your Pins
• Pin it Buttons
• Convert your Pinterest Personal Page to a Business page
• Explore Rich Pins
• Invite Others to a Group Board
• Monitor Your Analytics with Tallwind
• Pinvolve Settings
• Get Your Site’s Pinterest Pin Count
• Guest Pinner

Operation I love my friends: if you bring 5 friends, your attendance will be offered.

Price: 99 Euros per person/per Master Class

To Subscribe please contact:

Number of places limited to 15 people each Masterclass.